Mechatronics China2017深圳国际先进制造与智能工厂展

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>> Exhibition overview展会概览

As the first specialized exhibition of advanced manufacturing and intelligent factory, Shenzhen International Advanced Manufacturing and Intelligent Factory Exhibition-- Mechatronics China will focus on "One-stop Solution of Industrial Robot, Industrial IoT and Digital Factory", and comprehensively show the solutions of intelligent manufacturing systems such as industrial robot, industry 4.0 and industrial IoT.

There will be three exhibition areas for advanced manufacturing technologies, intelligent factory technologies and industrial information technologies. Professionals such as project managers, system integrators, developers and purchasers from industries of industrial control and automation, electronic manufacturing, consumer goods manufacturing, medical equipment, material processing equipment, electricity and electrician, automotive manufacturing, print and package, electricity and energy will be invited to visit and exchange in the exhibition.

>> Exhibition point展会重点

★ An Overall Exhibition of the Core Technologies of Industry 4.0 and Intelligent Factory

Machine visual, sensor technology, intelligent warehousing, industrial robot and their core technologies; AI, embedded technology, MES, industrial big data and industrial network, etc.

★ Focusing on Application

Key areas: electronic 3C manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, food and beverage, mechanical manufacturing, material processing, package, automotive, medicine, consumer goods manufacturing, etc.

★ Sharing Quality Resources of "Industry+Automotive+Electronics

Joining hand with the largest exhibition in South China "ELEXCON" and "EV&AUTOTRONICS CHINA" Exhibition area of 60,000㎡, exhibitors of 800+, and professional visitors of60,000+

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